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Say goodbye to being in the dark when it comes to your credit card processing fees, and AUTOMATICALLY keep track of them each month with Rate Tracker.



What is Rate Tracker?

Rate Tracker is a FREE app and website that allows a business owner to understand and AUTOMATICALLY keep track of their credit card fees every single month.

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Why Use Rate Tracker?

Credit card processing is a big expense for most businesses. We are talking 2-3% of gross sales! Small business owners work hard for their money, so we wanted to create a resource to help educate about the Payments Industry that has been known to have gray areas when it comes to rates and fees.

Rate Tracker Security

Security is our number one priority at Rate Tracker! Your information is safe within our systems as we use the same API as most online banking portals, as well as apps like Venmo and PayPal.

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We are starting a movement of education and transparency in the credit card processing industry! Help us help the small businesses in our country!


How We Got Started


Adam Niec

RateTracker was founded to help small business owners like you take control of their money and create transparency in the credit card processing industry.