4 Tips to Help Grow Your Business

4 Tips to Help Grow Your Business

Rate Tracker is helping bring transparency into the credit card processing industry to help small business owners like you! We love being able to help our clients grow! As we have worked with hundreds of different clients across many industries, we have identified the 4 most helpful tips that you can use to help grow your business!

1. Upselling

Increase the average order size. Just like restaurants ask if you want to add a side, you can offer smaller, ancillary services or products to help boost your sales. This is especially helpful if you accept credit cards to help with those rates.

2. Increasing the Frequency of Customer Visits

Finding new customers can be hard, but keeping current customers is essential! Loyalty programs are a great way to build trust with your customers and offer them something in return.

3. Increase Number of Clients

This one is a no brainer, but as the previous tip states, finding new customers can be hard. Hire a marketing company that can help you extend your reach and generate leads.

4. Create a Contact List

Having a list of customer’s emails and phone numbers can help you generate business with special offers, upcoming sales, and more. This tip is especially useful during the age of COVID; while everyone is staying home, you can still be top of mind!

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