Credit Card Processing Equipment Solutions

Credit Card Processing Equipment Solutions

There are many different methods to accepting credit card payments, and each business has its own individual needs. In today’s education blog, we are going to briefly cover some of the most popular credit card processing equipment solutions!

Countertop Solution

The countertop equipment is probably one of the most common ways to accept credit cards, especially in retail. This method is familiar, easy to use, and hooks up to your internet.

Virtual Terminal Solution

The virtual terminal allows you to take payments over the phone, which is perfect for B2B businesses or “card not present” environments. For this solution, it is extremely important to have a secure connection to protect your customers and yourself.

Recurring Revenue

With virtual terminals, you can also schedule recurring payments. Every credit card processor has this capability, and it is a great benefit to the business owner. It’s predictable revenue for your business so that your business is getting paid month after month.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile credit card processing solutions are great for the trades like HVAC, Roofers, and Plumbing. It’s great to be able to take a payment from your customer inside of their living room, which just makes the whole process convenient for both you and your customer. It’s also professional looking, and you’ll save money on the cost of each transaction because the card is inserted or swiped instead of keyed in manually.

eCommerce Solution

With so many people shopping online (especially now), eCommerce is a super easy way to grow your business. There’s a lot of different gateways out there that will allow you to securely connect your online shopping center or your eCommerce business with a merchant account so that everything can happen seamlessly.

Invoicing and Billing Solution

You can send somebody an invoice, they click a button, they go to a payment screen, and they’re able to run a transaction right then and there. Then the money automatically flows to your bank account.

Integrated Solutions

If you use a POS (point of sale) system or a software system, pretty much every processor can connect to these systems. Having an integrated solution inside of your CRM, your practice management software, whatever it might be, eliminates headaches and makes things happen in one step.

Learn More About Credit Card Processing Solutions

If you are curious about exploring a new type of credit card processing solution or want to know which type is best for your business, contact us at Rate Tracker today! We are here to help businesses grow, starting with tracking their CC processing rates!