4 Things to Look for in a Credit Card Processor

Credit Card Processors

As a business owner, choosing the right credit card processor can seem like a daunting task. There is so much involved within this industry that makes it hard to know when you’re actually getting a good deal or if you’re getting the wool pulled over your eyes. That is why…

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3 Charges to Look for on a Credit Card Statement

Credit Card Processing Fees

What to Look for on a Credit Card Statement 3 Main Fees to Look for on Your Credit Card Statement 1) Interchange Fees These are the fees that are assessed to your business from the issuing banks that issued cards to your customers. Usually non-negotiable and can be a monthly…

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Why Do Credit Card Processing Rates Increase?

Why do my fees increase?

Many business owners rely on credit cards as their income source. As customers pay for their goods and services, they pay with their cards, and each transaction costs the business owner a small percentage. However, there is a lot of confusion around this industry that most business owners do not…

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What Fees am I Paying and Why?

In most situations, there are 3 people that charge a fee: the card issuing bank or credit union (Interchange,) the card brand (V/MC/Disc/Amex,) and the credit card processor. If your logo is on the card or you’re processing the payment, you’re charging a fee on the transaction. Most business owners…

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