How Rate Tracker Helps Business Owners

How Much Time Do You Spend Looking Over Your Credit Card Statements?

As a small business owner, you are the backbone of our economy – but how much time do you spend reading over your credit card processing statements each month, only to find that you still have no idea where your money is going? Our guest is zero because you’re confused by it and you wear a lot of hats in your business.

The Problem with the Processing Industry…

The credit card processing industry is a mystery to most, allowing processors to take advantage of their customers. By sneaking in fees and rate increases, they use your business to line their pockets.

Stop wasting time and start tracking your rates with Rate Tracker, a free and secure automated credit card processing fee tracking system that allows small business owners like you to take control of their costs.

Monthly Rate Updates

Each month, merchants receive an email and a text message with the following data points from the previous month.

  1. Credit card processing fees.
  2. Credit card sales.
  3. Your out-the-door rate.

With easy access to this information, you’ll find out immediately when your rates go up instead of months or even years down the line, saving your business thousands of your hard-earned dollars.

Learn More About Rate Tracker

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