Payment Processing


Payment Processing

Rate Tracker offers customized Payment Processing and Point of Sale solutions for businesses of all sizes. Discover how our team of trusted experts can help you optimize your Payments and upgrade your technology to make your business run smarter, more efficiently, and more profitably.

Our proprietary Rate Tracker Software holds us accountable and allows us to uphold the highest level of integrity when it comes to your rates and fees, and that’s one of the reasons why Merchants all across the United States choose Rate Tracker as their Payment Processor. 

Eliminate Your Payment Processing Fees

Don’t want to pay for people’s points, perks, and miles anymore? Ask us about our Dual Pricing and Cash Discount programs. These programs allow you to legally and compliantly level the playing field for your cash-paying and card-paying customers, and eliminate your Payment Processing Fees in the process!

If you’d like to see how Rate Tracker can help improve your Payment Processing/Point of Sale setup at your business, fill out the form below.


    Free Point of Sale Program


    Having the right Point of Sale System for your business will help you keep better track of inventory, stop employee theft, run your business more efficiently, and help you market your business better. 

    We value our client relationships and make investments in our new clients’ technology by offering FREE Payment Processing Equipment/Point of Sale Systems.

    Every Merchant qualifies for something! Submit an inquiry below and one of our top trusted experts will reach out to you to see what your business qualifies for!

    How Are We Different?

    Rate Tracker focuses on 3 major categories when it comes to servicing our clients:

    1. Optimal Technology
    2. Pricing Transparency
    3. White Glove Service
    We are different from other Payment Processors because of our people and the level of service we provide to our clients during and after the sale is complete.


    Why Choose RateTracker?

    RateTracker was created to help empower small business owners just like you. In order to create transparency in this industry and educate small businesses, we wanted this application to be readily available, which is why it is absolutely free.

    We Care About Keeping Your Money In Your Pocket

    Contact us today and continue to explore our website to learn more about our movement and why we created Rate Tracker.