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Credit card processing is a big expense for most businesses. Small business owners work hard for their money, so we created a FREE tool for you to understand and AUTOMATICALLY keep Track of your credit card fees every single month

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Our movement is geared to create transparency, and accountability so all business owners are informed and in control of their money. We want to reform together.


What is Rate Tracker?

Rate Tracker is a free app and website that allows a business owner to understand and keep track of their credit card fees every single month.


How Can Rate Tracker Help Me?

As a small business owner, you are constantly on the go, thinking of ways to better your business, and making your dreams a reality. While you’re busy keeping your business alive, there is little to no time for you to track your credit card processing rates. With Rate Tracker, you don’t have to!


How Can Rate Tracker Help Me?

If you work in the B2B industry, there is a huge opportunity for you to help add value to many businesses across the country in many different aspects. When it comes to working with small businesses, helping them grow with your services is extremely important to both you and your customers.


Why Choose RateTracker?

RateTracker was created to help empower small business owners just like you. In order to create transparency in this industry and educate small businesses, we wanted this application to be readily available, which is why it is absolutely free.


How can RateTracker Protect a Small Business Owner?

Our app helps you understand your credit card processing fees and uncovers those rate increases to build transparency.

For example, a few years ago, Certain Pay was working with a client who owned a pizza shop that does about one million dollars in credit card sales a year. His credit card processor increased his rate by half a percent, which added up to about $5,000 a year.

This went on for two years, costing him an extra $10,000 just on credit card processing!

This was during the development processes of RateTracker and just went to show that if he had a tool like ours in his back pocket, he could have saved his business a lot of money.

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If you are interested in learning more about RateTracker, contact us today and continue to browse our website! You can also download our app in the Google and Apple app stores.