Why Do Credit Card Processing Rates Increase?

Many business owners rely on credit cards as their income source. As customers pay for their goods and services, they pay with their cards, and each transaction costs the business owner a small percentage.

However, there is a lot of confusion around this industry that most business owners do not have the time to fully understand. With this lack of knowledge, it is easy for the credit card processing companies to take advantage of these small business owners.

A processor is earning a set amount of profit each month, and they can increase the rates slowly. This lines their pockets and eats away at your profits!

How Can Rate Tracker Help Business Owners?

Rate tracker is integrated with your bank account securely and safely and will immediately alert you whenever the processing fees are increased.

For example, a restaurant owner processing $60,000 per month decided to try Rate Tracker. He found that the processor increased their rates at about .75%, that equates to about $400 a month in extra fees that the business owner really had no idea that he was going to pay.

Learn More About Rate Tracker

If you would like to learn more about Rate Tracker and how we can help you understand your credit card processing rates, contact us today! Rate Tracker is free to use and 100% secure!

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